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Value_0 2018. 2. 11. 16:13

As I announced Today, I would start what I made a plan.


Object : Better Life for the Life / Ideas Worth Spreading


My assingments will be based on trust and blockchan. Based on Ted Theory vol. 1, I will make Ted network which was not able to show exactly but everybody knows. If you want to join the network, you don't have to quit your job or duty.


1. I will start write Ted Theory Vol.2 which is more deeply and more widely.

2. Later, I will join the right place where I can do my best effort.


You can join the project which was in Ted Theory Vol.1, or also you are able to participate in Ted Theoy Vol.2


Ted Theory vol.2 will be accomplished by block chain scenario. If you want to join one of them, you just only have to do refering Ted Theory. Maybe you can get profit or I can get the profit via Ted Theory. I wish you are willing to share your gain from them. Then you don't have to be worrying the consumed effort which everybody knows. If nobody know, at least I will recognize.  


If you get the result but you can't share your profit, you can choose giving a donation. That amount will be your choice. Only you know the your BEP. I start donation as I planned.


I will keep open my opinion which will stimulate others. Also although you are joinning the Ted network, I would not treat you differently. May you should do effort more than others. I will face everybody fairly based on trust.


I hope it will be helpful FNG





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